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40 free bands rock the Valley

“The Valley is the most unique and important music scene in Australia. We have so many key venues within walking distance and a close-knit community of industry and artists – it’s incredibly wholesome,” he said.

As for who the senior programmer is rushing to see on Saturday, the headliners – These New South Whales, Mia Wray and Peach Fur – are obvious picks.

“But there are so many hidden gems in the line-up: Sesame Girl, Felony, Jet City Sports Club, Dancing Water, SAMMM., Flamingo Blonde, Blue Diner.

“There’s too many. I’m sad I won’t catch them all.”

Which will be a dilemma for anyone planning to attend, though there are worse things than having too many free bands to see in one night.


“The vibes are always high, with thousands of people making the Valley alive from the early hours of the night into the wee hours of the morning,” Ritson said.

“Each venue has capacity limits though, so get down early, support the artists and local venues … and find your new favourite band.”

And if a long-night of live music isn’t your thing or you need a pre-crawl palate cleanse, BrisAsia Festival is hosting a bubble tea and food party next door at Chinatown Mall.

Mountain Goat Valley Crawl runs from 5.30pm to 1.30am, beginning Saturday, February 10. The full lineup, set times and venues can be found here.

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