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49ers vs Chiefs Super Bowl Flash Prop Cheatsheet

The Super Bowl continues to reign as the most bettable event of the year, offering thousands of props spanning across the national anthem, the halftime show, and of course the game.

But instead of blindly betting on the coinflip or the Gatorade color, bettors can hammer home the thousands of NFL odds that are real-time flash props offered during the entirety of the game.

Here are three Super Bowl odds angles you can take during Sunday’s big game to help make the most of those flash props.

Continue reading for free NFL picks and predictions for the Chiefs vs 49ers Super Bowl matchup on Sunday, February 11.

49ers vs Chiefs Super Bowl flash props cheat sheet

Andy Reid with a lead in the second quarter onwards

This isn’t a groundbreaking concept, but teams like to run the ball when they’re up in the later stages of the game. Andy Reid is no different in the playoffs, but he takes it potentially even further, often heavily favoring a running play to open a drive as early as the second quarter.

From the second quarter onward against the Ravens, Andy Reid opted to open a drive with a run seven times and opted to go with a pass just twice. Against the Bills in the Divisional round, the Kansas City Chiefs didn’t lead til the later stages of the game and he still opened those three game-leading drives with two runs to the one pass.

The Dolphins were a bit of an anomaly as the Chiefs were heavily favored and the Dolphins’ defense was riddled with injury, but we can go back to last year to further expand on the example.

In last year’s Super Bowl, the Chiefs took the lead early in the fourth quarter and never surrendered it from that point on. They opened both of their final two drives with a run. Last year’s conference championship game against the Bengals was a back-and-forth game that was tied up more often than not. In the Divisional round against the Jaguars, the Chiefs ran four times to open a drive compared to opening with a pass just twice.

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Chiefs drives to end with no score or a punt in the second half

Unsurprisingly, such a philosophy tends to lend its hand to poor scoring averages in the second half of the game. All year the Chiefs have ranked among some of the league’s worst in generating points in the third and fourth quarter.

Their 4.0 points in the third quarter per game this year ranks 11th worst and their 3.6 points in the fourth quarter ranks dead last. Putting those together, Kansas City has put up the fifth-worst second-half scoring on the season, trailing teams like the Raiders, Jets, Titans, and Patriots.

The obvious counter would be to say the Chiefs win a lot of games, and they take their foot off the pedal when leading. However, that is far from the case. In their six losses this year, the Chiefs have scored 6, 0, 0, 13, 10, and 7 points in the second half – good for just a 6.0 points per half average.

Well, what about close wins? In their four touchdown-or-less wins this year, they have scored three, 14, zero, and three points in the second half – good for just a 5.0 points per half average. They must have had a huge lead at the half and just decided to kill the clock, right? Not exactly: they led those games by an average of 8.3 points at the half.

Developing drives to still only end in a field goal

With the likes of Christian McCaffrey, Brandon Aiyuk, Deebo Samuel, and George Kittle, it should come as no surprise that the San Francisco 49ers have been the league’s best team at converting red zone trips into touchdowns, doing so at a 68.5% rate.

However, they haven’t faced many of the league’s best at preventing those touchdowns and could face a harder struggle than they’ve been accustomed to. The Chiefs’ defense ranks eighth in preventing red zone touchdowns, allowing them on just 50.9% of red zone trips.

The Niners have played just two games against teams better than the Chiefs in that regard, the Steelers in Week 1 and the Ravens in Week 16. Against the former, they managed two touchdowns in three trips to the red zone, but also were held to field goals from the Steelers’ 23 and 22-yard lines.

Against the Ravens, they managed just 17 points on offense and scored just two touchdowns in four trips to the red zone – one which was a garbage time touchdown while they were down 33-12 and had thrown Sam Darnold into the game.

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