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A slap in the face to people with disabilities!

A slap in the face to people with disabilities!

Nobody cuts such a good figure in this story, says BZ editor Johannes Malinowski Photo: Purschke

Of Johannes Malinowski

The Steglitz-Zehlendorf district office behaved in a hostile manner. Now those responsible are trying to limit the damage.

How pedantically are administrative guidelines pushed through, no matter how pointless they are? It seems as if an overzealous clerk prevented approval for a barrier-free sailing dock.

The flimsy justification: There is no need for inclusive sailing in the club. Who formulates such outrageous, inhuman sentences? A slap in the face to all the people who volunteer in the disabled sports engage. The district loses itself in quibbles, the interior senator wants to ensure that the facility is preserved after the Special Olympics.

Nobody cuts a really good figure in this story. To the detriment of included Sports.


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People with disabilities
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