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After several years of hard work, Henrik Alsterdal chose to leave the TV4 program.

After the commercial: Here are the profiles in “After five”


After five has become one of Sweden’s most popular current affairs programs that are seen by millions of viewers every week.

Yes, every weekday news is conveyed of both serious and somewhat more light-hearted nature that really seems to go home on the TV couches. But the great success of course also depends on the established presenters Tilde de PaulaAnna Brolin, Maximilian Artell, Axel Pileby and Henrik Alsterdal.

Several of the profiles have worked within TV4 for many years. One of them is Henrik Alsterdal, who many probably recognize from the TV4 news – now he tells about the decision that made him leave the program.

Henrik Alsterdal’s sudden departure from the TV4 program

Henrik was asked to start in After Five while he was still working on the TV4 news. The choice was then not obvious.

– I thought quite properly. I got the offer at a time when I was quite tired of working here. Then I felt pretty bad and was tired due to working hours and felt that I had been stuck a bit and done the same thing for a very long time, he says in an interview with Aftonbladet.

Furthermore, Henrik believes that the uncomfortable working hours tore at him. The alarm clock rang around three at night four days a week, after work picking up children and activities was on the schedule.

– I did not really have the same enthusiasm as I had before and thought about whether I should resign and do something completely different. But perhaps it was little of an incipient age crisis.

The TV4 profile about the excitement with After Five

When he instead started with After five, he got a much-needed fresh start, and today he thrives at work.

– Every day is sickly intense. When you come in the morning, you have no idea how the day will end. There is a lot planned, but we throw over, throw in and throw out all the time, which often also happens during the actual broadcast. Sometimes it can be almost easier with the clear broadcasts when it happens a lot, because then we drop the script and just drive.

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