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American Muslims Offer Scholarships To Tornado Victims In Kentucky. Ihram

Dampak Tornado (ilustrasi)

IHRAM.CO.ID, JAKARTA – An organization called Muslim Americans for Compassion (MAC) has offered scholarships to 10 students for victims of a tornado in Kentucky. “We have a very strong group of seniors this year, and some of them are going to college,” Dawson Springs High School counselor Brannigan Etheridge told Dawson Springs Progress.

“Every dollar counts for this,” he said.

Etheridge said that she first met Dr. Muhammad Babar and other MAC members after a tornado last December. While helping students pursue their dreams, Babar also hopes that this scholarship can be sustained, and developed in the years to come.

“Not only in our country, but I have seen it all over the country. We will come together when there is a tragedy.”

“Meanwhile, the disaster-affected communities are left to take care of themselves. We have to be there for the community for a long time.”

According to the US Census Bureau, approximately 37.2 million Americans are currently living in poverty. While Islam places great emphasis on the virtues of neighbours, it emphasizes the obligation of individual Muslims to be kind to their neighbours. These morals and teachings can then lighten the burden of the poor.

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