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Analyst Says 1 Team Is Putting The NBA On Notice

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The Los Angeles Clippers pushed past the Atlanta Hawks Monday night, beating that team 149-144 and bringing their overall track record for the year to 34-15.

NBA analyst Jason Timpf thinks that this team could all the way this season.

“From the stars all the way down the roster, these guys are so, so, so locked in,” Timpf said on The Volume.

Timpf noted that LA has gone 30-8 since November 17 and has shown up and played hard in a number of games, no matter the opponent.

He believes that a team like this, filled with hard-working veterans and role players, can burst through the rest of the regular season and have a shot at true postseason greatness.

Fans of the team are happy to hear Timpf’s statement but they are also cautious and unsure about what’s ahead.

The Clippers have had a talented roster for several seasons now but it has repeatedly come up short, mostly due to injuries popping up at the worst moments.

Just last year, the team fell apart in the first round of the playoffs because both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard were injured.

This season, both of those men are in great shape and playing terrific basketball, as are Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and others.

They now have a 34-15 record and are very close to climbing to the top of the Western Conference standings.

While there is still a chance that injuries will make themselves known in the weeks ahead, there is every reason to believe the Clippers could truly become the best team in their conference and the best team in the entire league.

Right now, no one is questioning how great this team is or how far it might go.

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