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Barnaby Joyce filmed lying on Canberra street

Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce has been filmed lying on the ground late at night in a Canberra restaurant strip, prompting his former leadership rival to question why no “good Samaritan” came to his aid.

Video obtained and first published by Daily Mail Australia shows the former deputy prime minister lying next to a planter box at nighttime, reportedly shot on Lonsdale Street in Braddon after 11.30pm on Wednesday.

Barnaby Joyce on the ground in Canberra speaking on the phone.

Barnaby Joyce on the ground in Canberra speaking on the phone.Credit: Daily Mail

In a statement issued to the publication, Joyce reportedly said he was embarrassed by the scene.

“I was walking back to my accommodation after Parliament rose at 10pm,” he told Daily Mail.

“While on the phone I sat on the edge of a plant box, fell over, kept talking on the phone, and very animatedly was referring to myself for having fallen over.”

The article says he could be heard using expletives. Joyce reportedly said he got up and walked home after the phone call, which both the Daily Mail and news.com.au reported as being with his wife Vikki Campion.

Former deputy prime minister Michael McCormack, who Joyce rolled for the Nationals leadership in June 2021, told The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age “people will make up their own minds on what they think of the video”.

“But it does go to show modern society, where somebody chooses to video another person on the ground rather than going to help. Whatever happened to the good Samaritan?” McCormack said.

“He’s obviously on the ground and unwell. The person [taking the video] has realised it was Barnaby, because they wouldn’t just start filming anybody lying on the ground, and they’ve walked past, walked back and then walked back again past him and videoed.”

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