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Could Taron Egerton Play Wolverine? –

  • The actor may join Marvel
  • He himself said that he would like to play the mutant
  • What awaits the actor being a superhero?

Taron Egerton: Ever since Disney and Marvel Studios acquired the rights to some Marvel Comics characters that belonged to the Fox franchise, there has been much speculation about who will be the new actor who will bring the character of Wolverine to life in the cinematographic world.

Although many assure that the British actor Taron Egerton will be chosen by the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige. Although the film that deals with the life of the Mutants known as X-men is not yet clear, it is known that he is already in the company’s projects.

What about Taron Egerton?

What about Taron Egerton?

In 2017, Logan was released, the last solo film focused on the mutant Wolverine and starring the great and incomparable Hugh Jackman, thus closing an arc of nine films throughout which he gave everything to embody the character and became very loved by fans.

Replacing him is seen as a true mission impossible, but now that five years have passed and the rights have passed to Disney, it seems that we are beginning to see some movements that point in the direction that an actor could be looking to give life to a new Wolverine iteration. FILED FROM: Taron Egerton

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