Fire in India: at least 27 dead


A devastating fire broke out last night in a commercial building with shops and offices in East Delhi, near the Mundka metro stop. At least 27 confirmed deaths, but dozens of injured are in hospital with severe burns and the death toll seems destined to rise. Some people, trapped in the flames, tried to save themselves by jumping out of the windows.

Hellfire, one of the worst tragedies of its kind in the recent history of the Indian capital, involved the four-story building which was found to have no safety stairs and any other fire safety requirements. Even the fire extinguishers are absent. The building did not have fire brigade clearance, said Atul Garg, director of Delhi Fire Services. Garg explained that the fire broke out on the first floor of the building yesterday, May 13, then quickly spread to other areas where flammable plastic materials used to make equipment were stored, including security cameras and a large amount of cardboard. used for packaging. What triggered the fire has yet to be understood: some witnesses speak of an air conditioner malfunction and others of an electrical short circuit.

The police said they had arrested the two owners of the building. A dozen fire brigade teams continued to fight the flames all night, as family members of the people in the building at the time of the fire crowded around the area, desperate for news.

Fires are common in India, where building laws and safety regulations are often disregarded by builders and residents. In 2019, a fire caused by an electrical short circuit engulfed a building in Nuova Delhiand killed 43 people. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he was “saddened” by the loss of life and wished for the speedy recovery of the 12 injured who were hospitalized.


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