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Gaby Ramírez denied that Platanito’s alleged harassment was part of a sketch –

Gaby Ramírez responded to the way in which Platanito defended himself for the alleged sexual harassment of which she was a victim; She assured her that she was not the only one who had been touched by the comedian (Photos: Instagram @gabyramireztv // @ platanitoshow)

After plantain ensure that the accusations of Gaby Ramirez against him are false, since the alleged harassment would have been a sketchshe denied that this was the truth and added that there more women in the same situation.

After Gaby Ramírez announced that Sergio Verduzco plantain allegedly touched her without her consent during a television program TV star and that the comedian he defended himself saying that everything it was part of a skitthe presenter explained in Gossip than her they never told her someone would touch her and, if you have proposed it, I would not have accepted.

“Indeed, this was nine years ago, my show that I had was called Study 2 it was over, it went off the air, so I was as a base cast (…) They called me from Nights with platanito to go as a contestant (…) In the end, when the contest ended, Banana grabbed my breast (…) Plátano says that it was in the sketch, in its script and in its libretto, I think in his head

“Platanito” has not made public statements regarding this issue so far, but spoke with Esteban Macías, who revealed that Verduzco said that the touching was planned with the production (Photo: Instagram @platanitoshow)

And it is that after Ramírez disclosed the alleged harassment of which he was a victim, Esteban Macías assured in Gossip that he had spoken with plantainwho denied that things had happened as the presenter claimed.

“It’s true, he did touch her chest, but was part of a sketch and this was the live program, that is, there is nothing hidden, that is how the program came out, “revealed Macías.

In addition to this, Gaby pointed out that it’s not the only one who has felt harassed by Verduzco, since some women already they did not want to attend the program of plantain because most of the special guests he kissed them without their consent.

Gaby mentioned that, at the moment, she does not know how the process of the woman who
Gaby mentioned that, at the moment, she does not know how the process of the woman who “Platanito” allegedly touched her buttocks continues, but she prefers not to speculate or give more information about it (Photo: Instagram/@gabyramireztv)

Likewise, she said that she had met a colleague who denounced Verduzco because she went through a similar situation, since she he would have touched her buttocks without her consent; However, he cannot talk much about this woman or the case because the legal process is still ongoing.

Banana to all the guests, or almost to all, kissed them on the mouth and the guests didn’t even want to Nights with platanito because he gave kisses. As well as another girl who they shut his mouthwho lives here in the United States in Los Angeles, and who she did sue him and to her yes they ran it, because? Because touched her bubbles

When questioned by the presenters of Gossip about some loose ends left by Gaby’s story, he recalled that everything went up in the airso there should be a record of how it happened and the reaction everyone had.

went on air and even the public, because the show had an audience, they made him ‘uhhh’ (…) It did go on the air and from that to the fact that it was planned and that I had accepted, not even in the file theater does the actor appear caressing breasts (…) Not even if you were starving, as a woman, one would accept to put downGaby said.

He also mentioned that yes it is in his intentions to denounce Sergio Verduzco since he has the witnesses and the evidence, but the process would be complicated because the comedian does not even live in the United States, which is where he should file the complaint.

“I am in a controversy because Banana is not a resident of the United States, he is not even a citizen; the facts I think they should sue here, in the United States, where they happened. I have witnesses, of course.

The presenter emphasized that with her accusations she is not looking for something economic in return, but rather to expose the injustices she experienced.


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