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He gets out of the car to fight with another motorist, but risks being hit by a truck

The frames of the video published by Welcome to Favelas

The frames of the video published by Welcome to Favelas

Two motorists were in danger of being injured hit by a truck while they were arguing in the middle of the road. It happened in Trezzano sul Naviglio, in the Metropolitan City of Milan on the western outskirts of the city. The video was shot by a third motorist who was in her car in the queue. It is not clear the reason that sparked the argument, but a boy can be seen shouting at the driver of a Hyundai and then he who, once he gets out, begins to punching him and ending up in the oncoming lane.

It is likely that, given the stopped cars, the argument started due to a move deemed imprudent by the driver of the gray Hyundai SUV. This would have sent the driver in front of him into a rage who probably accused him of having caused damage to his car, perhaps as a result of a slight rear-end collision. This, then, presented itself in front of the driver’s window speaking a few animated words to the driver.

At a certain point, the second driver also got out of the car and started putting his hands on his rival. All this was happening while they were coming along the other lane several cars in the opposite direction of travel. Just when the two reached the center of the road, pulling themselves by their jackets, a truck arrived which only thanks to a instinctive gesture of one of the two litigants did not overwhelm them.

The fight then continued with the first motorist ended up on his knees with the driver of the Hyundai punching him in the head. The video stops here, with the woman thanking that those two boys were not hit by the truck.

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