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He said he would cut my throat

The father’s story. “My son was afraid of dying, now he is shocked. Three weeks ago he had received death threats from that boy: he accused him of having slapped a mutual friend.

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He tried to hit me in the throat. She told me I’ll open your head, you I cut my throat. Luckily I managed to dodge it.” These are the words of the 16-year-old who was there last Tuesday stabbed in the leg by an 18-year-old student of the Afol professional institute in Pieve Emanuele (Milan).

The 18-year-old accused of attempted aggravated murder

The young attacker, who after the ambush in front of the school threw the knife into a bin, declared that he had acted to “protect a girl” that the 16-year-old was seeing, for him “almost a sister”. For this reason the investigating judge Alberto Carboni ordered prison for the young man accused of attempted murder aggravated by frivolous motivesa “trivial argument over a disputed girl”: the 18-year-old, during the interrogation, also did not express his “minimal regret for its own action, but in fact it almost has claimed legitimacy“.

The father: “He had already received death threats from the attacker”

«He doesn’t want to go back to class. First the attacker tried to hit him in the throat,he was afraid of dying, the boy’s father said to Fanpage.it. “My son called me when he was on the ground, he said: Run, dad, they stabbed me. He was in a pool of blood on the ground.” It’s still. “Three weeks ago he received it death threats from that boy. She accused him of throwing a slap to a mutual friend, But it’s not true. I have always taught my son respect for women, he would never do something like that.”

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