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Is Impagnatiello crying in the courtroom? He plays his role in the process

“To see his judicial process resolved, he can count on the possibility that his actions were caused by a state of mental agitation”: this was declared by the lawyer of the Tramontano family during the second hearing of the trial of Alessandro Impagnatiello.

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Alessandro Impagnatiello, on trial for having killed by stabbing The partner Giulia Tramontano seventh month pregnant, during the second hearing today, Monday 12 February, he was holding his head in his hands and crying when they showed photos of the body in the courtroom. A gesture that she commented on Giovanni Cacciapuotithe lawyer of the Tramontano family, the only civil party in the trial.

The lawyer comments on Impagnatiello’s tears and behavior thus: “I look at it with a technical eye: the accused, faced with an investigative compendium incontrovertible and his confession, to see his judicial process resolved he can count on the possibility that his actions were caused by a state of mental agitation“.

Then he adds: “The consultants will eventually tell us this, we believe it is an unproven and unprovable hypothesis and sincerely also offensive to the Tramortano family. We are very calm as the family has met with two prominent psychiatrists. The Assize Court will confirm whether or not he was faking.”

What happened in the second hearing

In today’s hearing the prosecution, represented by the two prosecutors Letizia Maria Mannella and Alessia Menegazzo, presented the first witnesses: that is, in the morning the marshal of the Carabinieri homicide squad, the commander of the Senago Carabinieri and the two soldiers who found the body. They will come in the afternoon heard from the neighbors.

One of the policemen from the homicide squad said that on the night of the murder the man went to the other woman with whom he was having a relationship. This, however, did not let him in. “After returning home to Senago at 3.14am, he was captured by the cameras with white sheets in his hands, entering and exiting the garage”, added the soldier.

There he kept his girlfriend’s body hidden. The policeman also added: “There is evidence that concerns some home accessories which lead us to think that the crime scene had been prepared, because traces of blood were found under the carpet and not above”. Impagnatiello would have moved Giulia’s body with a trolley purchased specifically after the crime. This is the testimony of the evening of the murder by the police.

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