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Is it better to shower in the morning or in the evening?

Oily or dry skin?

Not only a shower in general has an effect on your skin, but also the moment when you step under that warm jet plays a role. Do you have oily skin? Then you better shower in the morning. This cleans your face and removes oil and sebum. You also open your pores for a deep cleaning.

If you have dry skin, a shower in the evening is the best choice for you. It ensures that oil and sebum, which develops at night, remain present during the day and reduce dry skin. In addition, a shower can affect the skin barrier, by showering in the evening you give your skin more rest during the day.

A good start to your day

A fresh shower in the morning is often used to wake up just as well. It is not only a fresh start to your day, but it also ensures that your metabolism gets a boost. Furthermore, research from the National Institutes of Health shows that a cold shower ensures that you are extra alert during the day.

You could almost compare taking a shower with meditation. It provides a relaxed, yet alert state of mind. The perfect moment to create new and good ideas or solutions.

Fresh in bed

By taking a shower before getting into bed, you rinse all the dirt off your body. Despite keeping yourself as clean as possible, your body still attracts sebum and bacteria through air pollution or perspiration. A quick shower ensures that you can go back to bed refreshed, but also makes it easier to remove your make-up. In addition, it opens your pores so that you can clean the skin more deeply.

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