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Live ticker on the Israel war: Biden calls Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip excessive

The American Secretary of State Antony Blinken continued his talks in Israel on Thursday. In Tel Aviv he first met war cabinet ministers Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot, the dpa reported. “Our focus is of course the hostage issue and the strong desire we have to see them return to their families,” Blinken said, according to Israeli broadcaster Kan. He also wanted to inform Gantz and Eisenkot about what he had heard in discussions in the region in the last few days.

Blinken had previously called for a moderation of Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip in clear terms. Gantz wrote on Platform A control mechanism is needed to prevent the aid supplies from falling into the hands of Hamas. Eyewitnesses in Gaza had confirmed that Hamas had appropriated the aid in some cases, which are intended for the suffering population. “The continued movement of aid through Hamas allows (the organization) to continue to rule, harms Gazans and prolongs the war,” Gantz said.

According to the military, of the approximately 136 hostages still held by Hamas, at most just over a hundred are still alive. According to unconfirmed reports, more hostages may have been killed. During his Middle East trip, Blinken is also seeking a new agreement between Israel and Hamas to release more hostages in return for the release of Palestinian prisoners.

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