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Craig Pollock setting up new F1 team

BAR co-founder Craig Pollock is now aiming to set up another Formula 1 team. BAR co-founder Craig Pollock is now aiming to set up another...



Review: Gripper – Sleek Akira-style Cycling Action With Equal Measure Of Frustration

Captured on Nintendo Switch (Handheld/Offline) Heart Core’s Gripper has a lot to love at first sight. Classic anime inspired motorcycle sliders, Akira? Yes...


London Irish insist all staff will be paid this month amid concern over finances

“No decision has been made around that at the moment – we’re an 11-team league and we will still be that next season.“People have...



‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves’ review

In Hollywood’s continuing quest for IP, it’s time to roll the 20-sided die on Dungeons & Dragons, the beloved fantasy role-playing game. Of course,...

Madlib confirms he’s “finishing” work on new Mac Miller album

Madlib has confirmed that he has numerous new projects underway including a new Mac Miller album that is near completion. The producer sat down for...

Elton John says Paul O’Grady “went places nobody had gone”

Elton John has paid tribute to Paul O’Grady after news of his death was announced earlier today (March 29). O’Grady, the TV presenter, actor and...

‘Minecraft’ is getting “story-driven” ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ DLC

Mojang and Wizards Of The Coast have announced the launch of Dungeons & Dragons downloadable content (DLC) for Minecraft, which will introduce a “story-driven”...

Tom Morello says Zack de la Rocha is most “compelling” frontman

Tom Morello has said that Zack de la Rocha performing injured is still “more compelling” than practically all frontmen in the history of music. READ...


The Quarry cast and characters

What to know who The Quarry cast and characters are? In much the same spirit as Until Dawn...

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