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Paula Chaves Fires Her Grandfather 6 Months After His Wife’s Death: “They’re Together Forever”

Paula and her grandfather Isaac

,they are together forever“, wrote Paula Chaves In his Instagram stories, next to an image in which his grandfather was seen feet with your grandmother umbrella, who died in February this year, along with their three children Peter Alfonso, Olivia, Balthazari You Philip, and added a text that said: “I’m going to make sure they know they had the best grandparents.”

Thus the driver confirmed the death of Mr. isaccThe 95-year-old, who was battling with his health problems for a long time. And she added another photo in which she and her sister can be seen, dolphinKissing his grandfather’s cheeks. The man was the ancestor of his father, Miguel Angel, And the former model had a very warm relationship with him. In fact, on several occasions he used his social network to ask for his recovery.

Paula Chaves's grandparents with their children (Instagram)
Paula Chaves’s grandparents with their children (Instagram)

Just about twenty days ago, Chaves shared a photo with feet that his daughter had come to him. “A little gift that Ollie gave me. Think good things about it”, he wrote as a prayer next to a candle emoji. And then he uploaded a picture of the man with the hands of a man who died for his life was fighting, and added: “Stronger than my grandfather’s oak. more willingness to live and teach us”,

Paula made a similar request last year and a year earlier for the same date. And she was always grateful for the good energy that her followers sent her. is that and feet They had a lovely relationship which was manifested thanks to the positions of the driver on more than one occasion. Not only this, they could be seen together on television during December 2019, when they both participated in cycling “who wants to be a Millionaire?”, Where he took 750 thousand pesos.

Paula and Delphina Chaves with their grandfather Kaki (Instagram)
Paula and Delphina Chaves with their grandfather Kaki (Instagram)

“Make me crazy. I look at him proudly because you don’t know what he’s like as a great-grandfather. He falls on the floor from all sides and plays with my kids. I’m blessed to have it.” Paula sheds light about Isaac that night santiago del moros, presenter of the question and answer program. He continued: “He has incredible energy. You invite him over for a barbecue dinner and he comes over. You tell him that the boys at school have a knack for it and he has no doubts about it.

In another highlight of that program, Isaac tells how he seduced his partner His life “It was tough. She’s a great lady. She was my sister’s friend and at my sister’s engagement party… Well, it was tough for me, I followed her, and one day I found her on San Martin Street. Found in Mar del Plata, We passed a watch shop, and there were two headbands, I bought them, I said: do you want to marry me? The man was related because of public applause.

In a farewell text to her grandmother, who had died six months earlier at the age of 92, Paula wrote: “Have a nice journey, beautiful grandmother. I love you infinitely, you are eternal. Thank you for filling this family with love. Thank you for teaching us so much. We celebrate your passing because your life was filled with joy and love,, And he published an emotional video in which The woman told him that when he left, she was going to give everything “from above” to her great-grandson.

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