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Perpetrator shot while taking hostage on regional train

An officer from the Vaud cantonal police guards the train in which a hostage-taking took place.
Image: dpa

A man armed with an ax and a knife held hostages on a regional train in Switzerland for several hours. He was “fatally injured” when the wagon was stormed.

In the Switzerland was shot dead by the police after being held hostage for several hours on a regional train. The man, armed with an ax and a knife, was “fatally injured” when police stormed the train on Thursday evening, the police in the canton of Vaud said.

The motive of the man – presumably a 32-year-old asylum seeker from Iran – was initially unclear.

The man had previously taken 15 hostages, 14 passengers and the train driver. The hostages remained unharmed. The hostage taking occurred at the Essert-sous-Champvent train station not far from Lake Neuchâtel in western Switzerland.

There was a large police presence at Essert-sous-Champvent train station, the newspaper “24 Heures” reported late in the evening.

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