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Puma Went Quiet And Australia Stole The Match For The Rugby Championship In Mendoza

Mendoza. – After taking advantage of nine pointsin the last 20 minutes puma dress They started punishing one after the other and Australia reversed the match and won the match 41-26, As the evening chill began to invade the stadium, the Argentine team also seemed to lower the temperature, that during the first 60 minutes they enjoyed the good moments in both attack and defense 26-17 . won,

one after another penalty This seemed to be the only way Puma had to stop the Australians’ mobility in that final quarter of the match at the city’s World Cup stadium, with 33,000 spectators unable to transfer heat to the pitch. But he congratulated the team despite the defeat.

Marcos Kramer, pure power, takes the ball against the Australian’s markMarcelo Aguilar – The Nation

so cougar They missed a good chance to start the 2022 Rugby Championship on the right foot Against the opponent who arrived beaten. Although at times they managed to impose their game in both attack and defense, they also He repeated some mistakes in the first three matches About Michael Cheeca’s new cycle as a coach. especially, Defense close to the target and an excess of penalties.

In the last 20 minutes, Australia managed the match on their own With which he printed a fast and dynamic rhythm to which Argentina got no answer. the last quarter of the game ends 24-0 For Wallabies, with those who win with a bonus point They remained the only indicators of competition after the first date.

Puma (Matera) first attempt

At the start of the game and in the good phase of the second half, Puma managed to dominate Based on pressure and good tackle, which allowed him to fix the balls and go on the attack. With possession, they knew how to be patient and found holes in the defense. an inspired afternoon emiliano boffelli (6/7 on the rod, 16 points) allowed him to maintain the lead on the scoreboard despite wasted opportunities; A few pointless knock situations could even change history. but Australia remained in the game and struck in the final, which was one of Argentina’s merits against Scotland.

Puma clarified in first action How were they supposed to play the game? Pressure on the deep tee, Lavanini blocking the clearance and then causing a knock-on with a fiery tackle by Kramer. It did not end in a try as Matera lost the ball centimeter from goal, but after a good line-out game and a good internal clearance from Carreras, he would take his revenge a few minutes later. It only took six minutes for Puma to break through in-goal.

Puma's celebration with Pablo Matera, author of Puma's first attempt against Australia in Mendoza
Puma’s celebration with Pablo Matera, author of Puma’s first attempt against Australia in MendozaMarcelo Aguilar – The Nation

keeping pressure and allowed Boffelli to take the lead with a penalty, even protected by an Australian exemption. A poor start from his own field (one of the pending debts of this short cycle) resulted in a penalty and, close to goal, Australia had no major difficulty crossing the line while playing outside; 17 supported Jordan Petia, It’s another shortcoming in these first four games with Cheeka in charge: tackles in extreme defense.

However, they were able to fix it in the subsequent action in which Australia lurked and they managed to unscramble. penalty kick won on scrum Another breach occurred by the Australians in front of sticks; Puma chose to move to the lineout, but was unsuccessful at Maul. Boffelli took revenge with the given time and struck again to go into the 19–10 break for Argentina.

Australia celebrate after defeating Puma 41-26 in Mendoza at the Premiere of the Rugby Championship
Australia celebrate after defeating Puma 41-26 in Mendoza at the Premiere of the Rugby ChampionshipMarcelo Aguilar – The Nation

Australia started the second half better And with a good counterattack he went into extreme assault. It was not as easy as the first time, but he managed to try and get through within two (19-17). Quad Cooper was injured in the ankle in action, who was replaced by veteran Reece Hodge.

Puma responded appropriately. He applied the pressure again with tackles and was patient and decisive to find a place in the attack. Carreras tried after a good break from Kramer, but he dropped the ball. Immediately, Mallia made a massive counterattack from his own half: he read correctly that there was a pole in front of him and avoided it, then enabled Matera with a huge jump, which ran several meters and He waited for the right time to try Juan Martín González; Boffelli added two more from the touchline.

Puma’s second attempt (Gonzalez)

a string of punishments He put Puma back against the goal. A first penalty attempt and then a Hodge strike from 40 meters gave Australia the first lead of the match (27–26), which was quickly extended by Finga’s attempt, again after a succession of violations (34–26). 26). Even as Boffelli calmed down and missed a half-field penalty that was to be received within a converted effort shot, And in the final action, which lasted more than five minutes after the buzzer, Lane Ikitau gave definite figures.

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