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River Announces Progress Of New Single Tunnel

The works of New Monumental do not stop: River released new progress on what the teams’ new entrance tunnel looked like on the playing field. An announcement that was added last week, when the organization revealed several details of the renovation, which will bring Liberty 81,000 viewers.

new single tunnel will allow both structures to be entered on par with the ref, as is customary today at both LPF matches and at the FIFA level. more information? The access floor to the ground will be made of synthetic turf and the walls will have LED screens, as is the case with many European stadiums. The work is 70% complete: the excavation has already been done and the concreting process is in progress.

This new entrance will be located under the new tray of the San Martín Grandstand, which will allow fans living in the paddock area to see in detail the teams’ exit as well as past rituals: greetings, harangs, cabals.. .

The new single tunnel will allow both teams to enter simultaneously.  (Photo: River Press).

The new single tunnel will allow both teams to enter simultaneously. (Photo: River Press).

Will it be advertised as a Grandstand?

with these ads It remains to be seen whether River will make some kind of presentation of this piece of work before the game against Newells., as was the case with the progress of the construction of the Centenario and San Martín lower stands, prior to the match with Sarmiento. The exhibition which completed with a reception with streamers and white and red smoke from all sides.

All these progress are part of the new More Monumental whose works They are already 40% complete and will allow the stadium to hold a capacity of 81,000 spectators, making it the largest in South America.

The unique tunnel, inside (Photo: River Press).

The unique tunnel, inside (Photo: River Press).

Along with all this, new features for fans will also be added: parking will be expanded, allowing twice as many vehicles as today. There will also be a 24/7 restaurant with views of the Barrio River and playground, and a new distribution of stalls and popular ones (the latter will be located in lower Centenario and Sivori).

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Of course, the most visible change will be the color of the new folding PVC seats: gray will be dominant. From the leadership he explained that this is because this category has more stability than the red ones.so that you can economically save the cost of repainting the seats, A trend that occurs in other stadiums that were recently revamped.

This is the new single tunnel

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