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Russian defeat in Ukraine “impossible”

For nearly half an hour, the president got Vladimir Putin posting his own fabricated historiography about Russia and Ukraine. With references as far back as the 13th century, he finally arrived at his own conclusion that Ukraine is an “artificial state”.

The opening of the approximately two-hour long interview is similar to previous speeches by Putin in which the Russian leader tried to justify his war of aggression against Ukraine.

Putin blames the war on the fact that Ukraine wanted to get closer to the US and NATO.


Putin, who shocked the world with a full-scale invasion of Ukraine nearly two years ago and has since threatened the West with nuclear weapons on several occasions, claimed that it is out of the question for Russia to invade Poland or Latvia.

A war with Poland, he said, would only come into question if Poland attacked Russia.

Defeating Russia in Ukraine is “impossible”, Putin claims in the interview, among other things.

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