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Sandudd can get a new commercial sauna

There is no sauna at Sandudd. But now the water sports company Laguuni wants to build a 150 square meter sauna with a bathing jetty that overlooks Lappvikens hospital.

There must also be a café or a restaurant next to the sauna.

The sauna is supposed to be located in the southwest corner of Sandudd’s park area, by the burial site. Birger Käcklund’s track is also nearby.

According to the city, the sauna must fit into the sensitive historical environment. The area also has a valuable bird population.

– Here it is important that calm is preserved. It must not be a stalemate, said Elina Kuikanmäkileading real estate agent to HBL 2022.

Juuso TilaeusCEO of Laguuni, tells us that they are now waiting for both exemptions and building permits to get started with construction.

Laguuni already has water sports activities next to the proposed sauna site. Water sports must also be developed so that, among other things, those who do wakeboarding get even better conditions for practicing the sport.

This map shows how the water sports area will be expanded. On the right you can see the brand new sauna, which will be located near Sandudd’s burial place.

At the water sports area, which is located on Örarna, they want to build a new 400 square meter outdoor dining area and jetty.

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