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Queen Silvia, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Crown Princess Victoria

The sports star tells about when he was at a grand celebration – with the king.

Our royal family are professionals in paying tribute to Swedish residents who have excelled in various ways, it can be anything from dairy farmers to rally drivers who get a little extra attention from our king.

At the beginning of May, our royalties were in place at Stockholm City Hall, where the Swedish Olympic Committee (SOK) had invited to a party to pay tribute to the Swedish Olympians from Tokyo and Beijing – and it was a star-studded mingling …

Prince Daniel missed

In place of the evening in honor were the King, Queen and our Crown Princess, and the King gave a tribute speech to our Olympic heroes.

“Regardless of whether you yourself have stood on the podium or if you have supported your comrades on their way there, you have all – active and leaders – had a part in the Swedish successes. I also hope that you have felt the support from all of us proud sports friends here at home in Sweden. ” He said, among other things.

Unfortunately, Prince Daniel missed the evening, one can assume that he would have liked to have been there. But unfortunately the calendar was already booked.

– He was busy with another assignment, says the court’s information manager Margareta Thorgren to Svensk Dam.

And as it was mingled. Crown Princess Victoria exchanged a few words with swimmer Sarah Sjöström, and the king posed for a picture with the discus throwers Daniel Ståhl and Simon Pettersson. But it was a star who did not really get the chance …

Queen Silvia, Sarah Sjöström, Malin Bayard-Johnssson and Henrik Johnsson.

Queen Silvia surrounded by stars! Behind her, the swimmer Sarah Sjöström, and next to her are the rider Malin Bayard-Johnssson and her husband Henrik Johnsson.

Christine Olsson / TT

“Did not want to disturb”

The guest list was, to say the least, star-studded, Armand Duplantis, Nils van der Poel and Sarah Sjöström were some of those who spruced up and showed up on their big night.

And when Olympic medalist and pole vault star Armand Duplantis was asked what he and the king were really talking about, he gave a charming answer.

– What were you and the king talking about then? asked Sportbladet’s reporter.

– I did not talk to the king, Armand “Mondo” Duplantis answers.

– Not? Why not? answers the surprised reporter.

– I do not know… There were so many who wanted to talk to the king… So I did not want to disturb … Duplantis explains.

Armand Duplantis will hopefully get the chance to exchange a few words with the king again soon. We guess that the king, who is a real sports fan, had in fact really appreciated a conversation with the world star!

Armand Duplantis and Desiré Inglander

Armand Duplantis arrived at the celebration with his girlfriend Desiré Inglander.

Christine Olsson / TT

Photo: TT


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