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“They almost canceled me” –

“They almost canceled me” –
(Gala Montes revealed that the first time she left “The Lord of the Skies”, they actually took her out. Later, when she was going to return, they were about to veto her by rejecting her character Photo: Instagram/@galamontes)

Gala Montes revealed that, at the age of 15, was taken out of The Lord of the heavens and when he sought to return, they offered him his same character, but with an image that it was not related to their values nor to what had been agreed upon; rejecting him almost leads her to be vetoed.

Thanks to The Lord of the heavens the name of Gala Montes began to attract the attention of the public, because as a teenager her acting skills were already developed; nevertheless, the actress left the production from one episode to another.

At the time it was said that she had given up her character, Luzma Casillasbecause she revealed that she was going to have scenes that did not seem suitable for her age and part of the public attacked her for not staying in the series.

Montes was in
Montes was in “The Lord of the Skies” from the age of 14 to 15, the third and fourth seasons of the series (Photo: Instagram/@galamontes)

Gala, in an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda for her YouTube channel, revealed that she will always be grateful for the doors she opened for her The Lord of the heavensbut was forced to leave her character when she was told that she no longer had the same weight in the plot.

“Definitely The Lord of the heavens It opened a lot of doors for me. Having given life to Luzma it was one of the best experiences of my life because it was very strong,” Montes began.

It was then that he revealed that she was pulled from production because Luzma’s character was very “strong”, but also they offered to return years laterbut she did not want to accept.

From one day to the next, they took me out and they told me that the character is very strong and does not suit us and they kicked me out “

Gala is one of the leading actresses in soap operas who has been characterized by putting the feminist movement before her projects (Photo: Instagram/@galamontes)
Gala is one of the leading actresses in soap operas who has been characterized by putting the feminist movement before her projects (Photo: Instagram/@galamontes)

Currently, Gala thinks that this it was the best thing that could have happenedbecause then he was only 15 years old and in the series they were very sensitive issues that at that age did not fully understand.

“I believe that it was a good decision because I do consider that it was a series that touched quite difficult topics to tellmore with a girl who was underage, as I was “

Years later, when she was older, the actress thought that I was ready to go back to enter the plot, he hoped to be part of the Casillas from his criminal side, but the production suggested that his character be completely different to what they had agreed upon at the time.

The actress became one of the public
The actress became one of the public’s favorite characters, but when it was announced that she had “resigned” criticism rained down on her (Photo: Instagram/@galamontes)

“I thought that at 18 I was going to be able to return to the series (…) they talk to me to be back in The Lord of the heavens and they offer me something completely different from what I had in mind and what we had agreed on”, he recalled.

Montes assured that the production of The Lord of the heavens planned to release Luzma Casillas again, but as a objectified womanso she had to be in a lot of intimate scenes that didn’t go with what she wanted.

It did not go with my principleswith my values. Intimate scenes and sexualizing and objectifying women (…) It betrayed my values, my principles, my education and affected my interests”

Gala confessed that at the age of 18 she was aware of the violence against women in Mexico and the feminist movement made her see that this character was not what she wanted to play in that context, so she rejected it.

the protagonist of designing your love uncovered that this did cause problems with the television station and that, even, there was the possibility of vetoing it.

“I decided to reject it, for which they almost canceled me (…) They told me that they were going to veto me”

This situation made Montes think that I had no future in acting because they were not going to want to hire her again, because there were several months in which no new job offers arrived.

However, she currently feels happy and proud of this decision, as it led her to work on projects that she likes and make characters with which she does identify in some way.


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