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This is how the Spotify cheat works

There are several reasons why someone wants to generate artificial currents, according to Daniel Johansson. Often it’s a matter of inflating the numbers for marketing purposes to, for example, sell an artist to live gigs.

– Often I would say that it is about smaller artists who want to get their numbers up on releases so that they look bigger than they are, he says.

These types of cheat streams should not be confused with other forms of cheating, such as uploading and playing short fake songs over and over again. Then it’s about milking the system for money rather than creating an artificial boost.

Suspected money laundering

There have also been reports of suspected money laundering via Spotify. But according to Daniel Johansson, in that case it is not about any large sums. Then tens of millions of fake streams would have been required, and such volumes are difficult to hide from the platforms, he explains.

Behind the manipulations are actors who sell streams, not only on Spotify but on other platforms such as Youtube, Tiktok and Deezer.

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