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“Today much more sexual freedom is possible”

For two – or would you prefer three? More and more people are trying something new.
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Love relationships are changing. Open or polygamous – many people try it out. In an interview, psychologist Sonja Bröning talks about who such models are right for, how to deal with jealousy and typical mistakes.

Ms. Bröning, most people want a relationship, but at the same time, according to surveys, one in three people in a committed relationship have cheated at some point. A committed relationship and a sexual adventure every now and then, i.e. an open relationship: That seems to be exactly the right thing for many people, right?

At least I think it’s widespread. On the one hand, we want lasting relationships. On the other hand, we live in a sexually liberated society. Unlike in the past, when women had to worry about becoming pregnant or sick, today much more sexual freedom is possible. We want a solid bond, but we also want it to remain sexually exciting. But it is precisely this claim that often fails in reality.

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