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Turin, Juric in press silence. Deputy Paro: “He doesn’t want to lose energy”

Turin, Juric in press silence. Deputy Paro: “He doesn’t want to lose energy”

Ivan Juric
Ivan Juric – LiveMedia Photo / Fabio Fagiolini

After the victory of the Turin in Italian Cup against the Palermo, the assistant coach of the grenade, Matteo Paro, spoke to the microphones of journalists, thus explaining the absence of the technician Juric: “The coach is focused on the technical aspect and on coaching the boys. Therefore he does not want to waste energy in various discussions, I am here to address the game theme and the technical aspect. For the rest you will have to wait. When will his silence end? The coach first of all, we of the staff are also focused on the pitch and on improving. We have a couple of new grafts to insert, a lot has been said on the market and the dialogue with the company is continuous. Everyone knows what we need, as staff we are focused on training and the next match. Judgment on the market? We have lost eight important players and we need to replace them. But this has been said and you know, we as staff work in the field. We await news. We have lost so many important players, every coach and every staff needs time and work to build. The sooner we have them, the better: as staff we hope they will arrive soon ”.

It’s still: “Radonjic? He has played in important teams, but he has to learn many things and many phases of the game. But he has inspiration, technique, shooting and header, he has many weapons to become dangerous. Good morning and Seck? The defender is a guy who has made a good journey, he is super concentrated and works a lot. He always studies who has to mark, he is a boy who exalts himself in the game: we rely heavily on him, he is growing physically and must continue like this. Seck has the means, because of his experience of him he has still played little and trained little: he must improve in finishing and be faster, he must also find a balance and not go down when he makes a mistake “.

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