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Twitter disobeyed orders of Indian govt, put third-largest market at risk: Elon Musk tells US court

Elon Musk, in his confidentially filed countersuit in Delaware
court, relied on Twitter’s litigation in India to counter the
social media giant’s claim of breach of their merger agreement by

Musk has claimed that Twitter failed to disclose its litigation
with and the investigation by the Indian government. According to
Musk, Twitter initiated risky litigation against the Indian
government—thereby placing Twitter’s third largest market at

Musk has claimed that Twitter’s decision to challenge the Indian
government’s decisions is a departure from the ordinary course as
it has in the past followed obligations imposed by governments,
including going as far as blocking pro-Ukrainian accounts for the
Russian government.

Referring to India’s IT Rules, Musk has argued that India’s
information technology ministry imposed certain rules in 2021
allowing the government to probe social media posts, demand
identifying information, and prosecute companies that refused to

Musk has said that while he is a proponent of free speech, he
believes that moderation on Twitter should “hew close to the laws
of countries in which Twitter operates.”

It has been claimed by Musk that as a result of India’s new
rules, Twitter faced various investigations by the Indian
government, requests to moderate content, and requests to block
certain accounts. India is Twitter’s third largest market, and thus
any investigation into Twitter that could lead to suspensions or
interruptions of service in that market may constitute an MAE,
which is a material adverse event.

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