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Violence in Gaza claims even more victims: 24 dead in rocket attacks, including 6 children | Abroad

Several children have been killed in an Israeli attack near the Jabalya refugee camp, Hamas, the militant group that rules Gaza. Israel says it has “irrefutable” evidence that the children were killed by a failed rocket launch by the Islamic Jihad movement, which has a large presence in Gaza. Palestinian militants have also fired more than 400 rockets at Israel in recent days. Israeli emergency services report that, as far as is known, there have been no casualties.

Israel resumed airstrikes on the Gaza Strip on Saturday after an earlier series of attacks the day before. Fifteen people were killed in the attack, according to the Israeli army. Among the dead is Taysir al-Jabari, a senior commander of Islamic Jihad, the group confirmed in a statement.

The unrest in Gaza started Monday after the arrest of two senior members of Islamic Jihad. The pair were arrested in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. The organization then threatened attacks, after which the Israeli army cordoned off areas on the edge of the coastal strip for several days and raised the alert level.

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