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Wickström concerned that officials are missing Raseborgsjouren: “There is no political decision”

At the end of January, the board of Raseborg’s welfare area voted down a proposal to treat Raseborg’s hospital as a separate entity when drawing up the lines for the service strategy.

The votes fell 9–8 against Henrik Wickström (SFP) proposal to take in such a write-up. Those of the Samlingsparty and Sannfinländer as well as a left-wing confederate voted against; SFP, SDP and the Greens for.

Wickström says that the situation now is that there is partly a hospital investigation at national level, partly a service network investigation at HUS, but that a political line for Raseborg in the welfare area is missing.

It is intended that the welfare area will take over the 24-hour duty in Raseborg from HUS at the turn of the following year, but the entire on-call map is at the same time in a state of emergency.

– I felt that we should deal with this now in the spring with us in the welfare area, because HUS also has its process underway, so that there are no ambiguities. Otherwise, there could be a nasty domino effect – that something we do could affect HUS negatively or vice versa, says Wickström.

He feels that the situation can become unclear and bureaucrat-driven if you don’t have political decisions or expressions of will, as the service network within HUS is at the same time being prepared with a faster timetable.

Adjustment negotiations are pending

The SFP politician Karin Cederlöf has previously told VN that her party in HUS’s board prevented a winding down of the on-call service. The question mark applies to whether the reception times can be limited so that the emergency room is not open at night.

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