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Ajax midfielder Edson Alvarez hints at relief over failed Chelsea transfer

Ajax midfielder Edson Alvarez hints he is relieved that he never made the transfer to Chelsea last summer. Ajax midfielder Edson Alvarez has acknowledged that...



If you want more Resident Evil remakes, Capcom has good news

More Resident Evil remakes are almost certainly on their way, so if you liked RE2, the remake...


EU tariff reform fuels fears of a data octopus in Brussels

Dusseldorf Marcel Fehrmann enthuses that the EU customs reform announced in Brussels in mid-May could be a "big hit". The President of the...



Green Lorna Slater branded ‘shameless’ as private boat cost revealed

The Scottish Tories, who obtained the figure using Freedom of Information, said it was a “kick in the teeth” to islanders who...


Kokkinakis blows up at chair umpire

Video: Kokkinakis blows up at chair umpireKokkinakis blows up at chair umpireWe’re sorry, this feature is currently unavailable. We’re working to restore it. Please...

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