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Wiegman opens tournament with England at sold-out Old Trafford | NOW

Lineups! There are few surprises in the line-up of coach Sarina Wiegman. It is striking that she does not opt ​​for defender Alex...


Search for dormice and bats finds toads up trees

Citizen science projects looking for hazel dormice and bats have discovered another, more unexpected inhabitant of trees: common toads.Researchers from the University of Cambridge...



Peter R. de Vries honored with monument on Leidseplein | Inland

Leidseplein was chosen because it is where the old studio of RTL Boulevard is located and because it is near the place where...

Two more victims of Italian glacier disaster found | Abroad

Among the victims are also two tourists from the Czech Republic. It is feared that at least three more missing Italians are...

Farmers against the police over a farmer who had been shot at: ‘He was almost dead’ | Video

Farmers against the police over a farmer who had been shot: 'He was almost dead'Video19:27On Wednesday, a group of angry farmers protested at...

‘British ministers are going to tell Johnson to leave’ | Abroad

The 58-year-old leader's grip on power has loosened since Tuesday night, after Rishi Sunak resigned as finance minister and Sajid Javid stepped down...

Ring exchange: Scholz announces further weapon deliveries

ring exchange Scholz announces further deliveries of weapons ...

While Jouke (16) is in his cell, the atmosphere outside becomes grim: ‘I’d be careful if I were you’ | Inland

PremiumThe best of De TelegraafThrough Marcel Vink1 min ago in INTERIORLEEUWARDEN - He was locked inside, but must have heard the noise outside...


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