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Manchester City team news: Injury, suspension list vs. Luton Town

Sports Mole rounds up Manchester City's injury and suspension news ahead of their Premier League clash with Luton Town on Sunday. Manchester City travel to...



Starfield new game plus is hiding one of Bethesda’s best secrets ever

Starfield new game plus is the gift that keeps on giving. In most RPGS – or most...

AUT codes December 2023


Asia Techonomics: “Dangerous for society and individuals”: ​​Deepfakes are spreading in India

Videos faked using artificial intelligence are shaking up India's election campaign. The world's largest democracy appears to be under threat. The government...



John Swinney takes up honorary professor role at Glasgow University

READ MORE: Glasgow: Activists blockade arms factory in Palestine protestProfessor Swinney said it was “an honour and a privilege” to join...

Herald Poll: Should Scotland bring in a ticket tax?

The Music Venue Trust has called for bigger venues to support grassroots venues financially, with a £1 surcharge on every ticket sold going to...

Lord Haughey: Scotland’s rising debt and lack of growth is alarming

The burden of the rise on the minimum wage, unfortunately, sits mostly on small businesses.The government takes the plaudits at...

Police Scotland: ‘Unwillingness to challenge unacceptable behaviour’

It warned of “an unwillingness to challenge unacceptable behaviour”, along with a “blame culture”, but found that overall the culture in the...


Circular Economy: The Disadvantages of Longevity

We have too much and throw too much away. Supporters of the circular economy focus on extending the lifespan of products and recycling....

Pregnant women forced to make new delivery plans

Video: Pregnant women forced to make new delivery plansPregnant women forced to make new delivery plansWe’re sorry, this feature is currently unavailable. We’re working...

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